The Best of the Three Stooges – Complete

10 04 2012

Editorial Reviews

THREE STOOGES MEGA-DISC 2 Swing Parade The Three Stooges help an aspiring singer, Carol Lawrence (My Little Margie’s Gale Storm), and a nightclub owner, Danny Warren (Phil Regan), find love in this musical comedy, also known as Swing Parade of 1946. Approximately 74 minutes Black and White The Three Stooges: Kings of Laughter Three’s never a crowd when it comes to the immortal Stooges, as demonstrated by this no-holds-barred, back-to-back compilation of mayhem, wild comedy, and classic routines from TV, film shorts, and features. Approximately 54 minutes Color and Black & White Simply Hilarious Four of the immortal Stooges (Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Shemp Howard, and Curly Howard) star in four side-splitting 15-minute sketches that highlight their signature brand of humor, and will leave you in stitches. Approximately 70 minutes Black and White Best of the Three Stooges Color Cartoons The inimitable Three Stooges are at it again in this back-to-back collection of their most hilarious animated segments, made in 1965 and featuring the actual voices of Moe Howard, Larry Fine, and Curly Joe DeRita. Approximately 54 minutes Color THREE STOOGES MEGA-DISC 1 The Three Stooges Story See all six of the Stooges in this exhaustive “Nyukumentary” covering their comedic career in all its goofy glory, also featuring on-camera interviews with several of their collaborators from both sides of the camera. Approximately 107 minutes Color and Black & White The Three Stooges Festival You’ll find all the nyuks you can handle in this special made-for-video compilation spanning more than three decades of Stooge-mania, including madcap movie shorts, original coming attractions, and rare TV footage. Approximately 60 minutes Color and Black & White Funniest Moments I The boys wreak havoc on a golf course, the open road, a fishing boat, a camping trip, an airport scale and a beach, and as perplexed paperhangers, foolish photographers, short-tempered chefs, and dim-bulb doctors. Approximately 46 minutes Color Funniest Moments II The Stooges appear as clueless campers facing an escaped lion, sappy sailors and soldiers, addle-brained actors, timid test pilots, moronic magicians, over-eager electricians, witless waiters, and horseless cowboys. Approximately 48 minutes Color and Black & White



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