Yamudu – The Real Singham – Full Movie

3 04 2012

The story, set in the backdrop of Razole, a small town in East Godavari District, revolves around Sub-Inspector Narasimham (Surya), a brave and just policeman who serves in his hometown primarily to fulfill his father’s (Radha Ravi) wish. Narasimham settles every dispute in his town patiently with his words of wisdom and resorts to force only when the situation demands it. Kavya (Anushka), a city girl who comes on vacation to Razole, falls in love with Narasimham. Jamadagni (Vivek), Narasimham’s bumbling colleague and friend, often accompanies him.

Everything seems to be smooth-running until Vizag-based Purushottam (Prakash Raj), a big-time extortionist with shady mafia dealings, is required to travel to Razole to sign a conditional bail. Purushottam sends one of his henchmen to sign in his place. An angry Narasimham demands that Purushottam come in person for the signature and this starts tensions between them. Purushottam, unable to do anything because the town is under the control of Narasimham and his supporters, leaves humiliated. He uses his political clout to get Narasimham promoted to Inspector and transferred to Seetammadhara police station in Vizag in order to extract revenge.

In Vizag, Kavya’s sister Divya is kidnapped by Vaaganam, and in the process Narasimham uncovers a scam run by Purushottam in which he kidnaps children for ransom from commercial real estate developers. Narasimham, with unexpected help from the Home Minister (Vijayakumar), gets promoted to Assistant Commissioner of the specially-formed Anti-kidnapping Task Force. Also, Kavya’s father (Nassar) who was hostile to Narasimham following an altercation with Narasimham’s father, softens up and agrees to give him Kavya’s hand in marriage.

In a protracted cat-and-mouse chase with liberal display of muscle power, Purushottam targets people dearest to Narasimham, including Kavya (who gets shot but is saved by Narasimham) and manages to kill Narasimham’s loyal deputy and close friend, Inspecter Ravi. Finally, in a bid to escape gathering momentum of hostility and the arrest warrant against him, Purushottam kidnaps the Karnataka Home Minister’s daughter and escapes by train to Orissa. Following a fierce chase and fight, mobilizing a huge army of policemen to help him, Narasimham kills Purushottam in a final one-to-one fight. The final scene shows Narasimham and Kavya heading back to Razole, when Narasimham is stopped briefly by the Home Minister and assigned an undercover mission, to which he gladly agrees.



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