Cycle Kick (2011) – Full Hindi Movie

3 04 2012

Cycle kick is the story of how small things; no matter how modest to us, can be the most sought after treasure for another. It’s the story of two brothers, Ramu and his younger brother Deva. They live in a small coastal village and without parents have grown up relying only on life’s necessities….Untill one day they find a beaten up cycle. The repair it and swiftly their lives change. Ramu is able to be more productive and take up extra jobs and Deva fulfills his dream of owning a cycle, which is seen as a symbol of status in this sleepy village. Their lives are looking up…Then suddenly the cycle is stolen. Ramu and Deva search for the thief. Cycle kick is about honour, pride and the joys of youth culminating in a pulsating climax.



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