Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye (2005) – Full Hindi Movie

28 03 2012

Words you never say
Dreams that whither away
Some lost, some found the way
When their story began just like another day…

Who could have imagined that a forlorn, smalltime airport could change the lives of so many people! But it did, for the lucky few aboard flight TW 135. Stuck at the airport with their flight being delayed, their lives come to a screeching halt, giving them time to examine and introspect relationships.

Starry-eyed teenage lovers, the bachelor caught between a couple of bachelorettes, the newly weds who are already fighting their way to honeymoon, the married, the divorced who don’t know why they are fighting anymore, were some who encompassed the varied chosen few. Adding confusion to this mayhem is the asst. airport manager with a wacky sense of humor and the colorful nitwit with a signal problem!

They portray a frame of time that each one of us has or will go through. Each of them tell a story that signifies that the idea of romance goes beyond the boundaries of age – that love can be found at 16 or 60 and anywhere in between. They mirror the crazy characters we meet who make our journey more enjoyable. The characters throw light on the funny side of the seemingly unfortunate situation, also highlighting the emotional undercurrents.

Sprinkled with light-hearted humor and warm abandon, the film explores the loves and lives of these travelers during a small delay that becomes an uncertain wait.

Thrown together by a trick of fate, Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye is their story… about love, about emotions, about that one chance that they are bestowed within a fleeting moment in time when their journey became their destination.



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