Danger (2002) – Full Hindi Movie

26 03 2012


Gujarati-speaking vegetarian, Nainesh, is the Accountant of a gangster, Sarfaraz Pathan, and lives with his mistress, Unnati. After Sarfaraz’ nephew, Sunny, and Wassimbhai torture and recover Two Crore Rupees from a bald man, but Sunny kills him, spattering blood all over the Rupee notes. Nainesh and Unnati spend all night cleaning and ironing the currency, and neatly packaging it in a suitcase. Subsequently, Unnati tells him she had seen Sunny driving away with two bags while Nainesh was in the bathroom. Suspicious, Nainesh opens the suitcase and finds the cash substituted by old newspapers. He will soon find his life in danger after Sunny denies taking the cash, and Sarfaraz demands the cash be returned to him at any and all costs.



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