Alluda Mazaaka…! (1995) – Full Movie

21 03 2012

Sitaramudu (Chiranjeevi) is a young man from a small village whose father is a well respected village elder. Sitaramudu is always helps out the needy and the village folk adore him. Ramya Krishna and Rambha are two sisters who come from a wealthy family. They’re a spoilt pair who treat others with no respect. Sitaramudu pulls a prank on them and embarrasses them in front of everybody, to teach them a lesson. To get back at Sitaramudu, their mother, Vasundhara (Lakshmi) starts evicting the poor from the land that she owns. Meanwhile, Sitaramudu’s sister, Malleeswari (Ooha) gets pregnant but she’s not married. Unable to bear the humiliation, Sitaramudu’s father commits suicide. Burdened by despair, Sitaramudu and Malleeswari move to the city where she is falsely accused of being a prostitute and her partner leaves her. Sitaramudu gets falsely charged of killing the cop who arrests his sister and he goes to prison. He escapes from prison and marries Ramya Krishna to spite her mother. He enters their house under the name of “Toyota” and causes a lot of trouble to them to teach them a lesson. In the end however, he saves the day by unraveling the true villians and defeating them. He even unites his sister and her lover and also makes peace with his new wife and mother-in-law.



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