Naaka Bandi 1990 – Bollywood Action Movie – Dharmendra & Amrish Puri

18 03 2012
Naaka Bandi. Starring: Dharmendra, Amrish Puri, Chunky Pandey, Sadashiv Amrapurkar. Director: Shibu Mitra. Synopsis: Truck-driver Dharam Singh lives an honest and happy life with wife, Banto, and son, Raja. He adopts an orphan, Veer Singh. Dharam’s brother, Kaalia, returns from jail to meet him but is asked to leave. Kaalia joins a group of smugglers, but Dharam helps the police in arresting them. Kaalia’s boss, Mangal Singh, confronts Dharam, and ends up killing both Dharam and his wife. With the police hot on his tail, Mangal disappears, leaving Veera to bring up Raja with the help of Mehar, their neighbor. Years later, Veera and Raja have grown up with Veera looking after the trucking business, and Raja studying in college. Veera wants to avenge his foster father’s brutal killing, but before he could do so, Kaalia re-enters their lives and instigates Raja against Veera. As a result Raja accuses Veera of theft and asks him to leave. What exactly was Kaalia’s motive in separating Veera and Raja? Will Veera and Raja ever reconcile? Will Mangal Singh be brought to justice?



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