Uladhaal – Full Movie

14 03 2012
Uladhal is a thrilling – adventurous comedy about the journey of a shield (Dhaal) created in 1758 by a Great Maratha Emperor. The creation of this shied was in the honor of the noteworthy sacrifice made by a brave warrior named Somajirao. He took the blow of a spear heading towards the king during a battle and thus saved the king’s life. He shielded the king from a bunch of enemies just as a powerful shield would do. Hence, as a gesture of appreciation, the king honors Somajirao by awarding him a precious shield (Dhaal).
Generation after generation, Somajirao’s family believes that the protection of this shield is their prime responsibility. During the course of time, countless opponents plot to steal this shield, but all their efforts prove unrewarding. However, Sayajirao, the youngest ruler of the family mistakenly misplaces the shield and eventually loses it. Will Sayajirao let this prestigious and honourable shield go away so easily?



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