Hum Do Anjane – Full Movie

13 03 2012

Synopsis-This is a story of a Honest Police Officer Abhishek Rao (Naresh
Kaura) who fights for justice. He was always harassed by his seniors, One day
Abhishek was trapped by a corrupt police officer for his own motive. Security
Officer Iqbal Khan (Jackie Shroff) brings in more trouble in Abhishek’s
peaceful and happily married life. Abhishek’s wife Muskaan (Ankita Bhargav)
leaves his home because of Iqbal Khans mischievous attitude by creating
misunderstanding. Later on Abhishek & Iqbal Khan come together and take
oath to protect the country and achieve their important mission. Did Abhishek
and Iqbal Khan succeed to clean up the corrupt system? Did Muskaan and
Abhishek patched up and lived happily forever? Who are DO ANJAANE – the
STRANGERS? Come and Watch for a Thriller, Action and Melodious film



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