Machalti Jawani – Hindi Full length Movie

11 03 2012
Machalti Jawani – Hindi Full Length Movie – 1989. Producer: S.Vasudeva, Hasmukh J.Roopawalla, Directed by : Asha Khan, Cast : Shakila, Anuradha, Ravi, Capt.Raj, Disco Shanti, Madhuri, Babita, Jony Nalinkant.
Synopsis: R.K. Verma is a wealthy businessman who is married to Anu, a beautiful young girl. Verma and Anu go on a trip to a beach resort on their honeymoon. However, Anu spend the time distressed as Verma gets busy with business and ignores her. A desperate Anu seeks solace in the arms of a playboy called Kamal. Their relationship is captured by a photographer named Johnny who blackmails Anu to pay money in return for photographs of them cozying up. Johnny gets murdered and everyone becomes a suspect. Anu gets involved with another man a criminal called De Cruz, who has his own motives and uses her to get even with Verma. The story unfolds further in a series of murders and the secrets of every character is revealed in a world of sex, money and lies.



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