Sangdil Sanam – FULL MOVIE

1 03 2012
Kailash Nath is the manager of a bank and lives happily with his wife, Savitri, and son, Kishan. He is friendly with the Bank Watchman, Shankar, and even arranges the marriage of Kishan with Shankar’s daughter, Sanam. Shortly after the marriage of the two children, the bank is robbed; Kailash becomes a suspect, is arrested and sentenced to twelve years in prison. After he completes his sentence he returns home to find out that Savitri and Kishan are not traceable. He also finds out that he was framed for the bank robbery by none other than Shankar, who is now the Mayor of the town. In the meantime, Kishan, now grown up, goes to take Sanam home with him as his bride. What Kishan does know is that Sanam is going to get married to Pradeep, the only son of millionaire Lalla. Will Kishan be able to restore his families name amidst wicked people trying to destroy it? Can he reclaim his love for his childhood sweetheart Sanam who now wants to humiliate him and his family?



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